Configuring Zoom Account for Cloud Recording

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In addition to recording Zoom meetings on your computer, Zoom provides an option to record to the Zoom Cloud.  When using Zoom cloud recording, there additional options for what elements of the meeting should be recorded, as well an automatic transcript for the meeting.

Enabling Zoom cloud recording for your account is required to take advantage of the integration with Panopto.  This integration enables the automatic transfer and publishing of Zoom recorded videos via Panopto. If you use Blackboard, Panopto can also place the videos in the appropriate class folder, making them available to students via Blackboard.

**Note: Meetings recorded to the Zoom cloud are automatically deleted after 90 days.  Meetings/classes stored in Panopto are not deleted from Panopto.

This article explains the steps necessary to configure your Zoom account to enable the cloud recording feature.

Details / Instructions

The integration requires the use of the Zoom cloud for the recording.  This means that recorded meetings will not be recorded to, or stored on your local computer (you can download them from Zoom or Panopto, though).  This also means that you will not have to wait for the meeting video to be converted/processed, following the end of the meeting.

To turn on Zoom Cloud Recording:

  • Log into your Zoom account at, click on the 'Sign in' button to configure your account
  • From the options in the left-sidebar, click 'Settings'
  • At the top of the main page, click the 'Recording' tab
  • Locate 'Cloud recording' on the page and click the button to the right to enable cloud recording.  Zoom will display a pop-up confirming your change; click 'Turn on' to complete this step.  Cloud recording is now turned-on for your future Zoom sessions
    • When you click on 'record' in Zoom, you will now see two options: 'Record on this computer' and 'Record to the cloud'.  If you select 'Record on this computer', recordings will be stored locally; if you select 'Record to the cloud', the recording will be done on the Zoom cloud servers.
    • You can also disable 'Local Recording' by clicking the button to the right, which will turn off the ability for you to record to your computer, and you will no longer be given that option in the client.  This can always be turned back on, if you need it.
  • Once you enable Cloud Recording, several more options for the recording will appear below the Cloud Recording button; these options only apply to meetings recorded to the cloud (bolded items are on by default).  If you mouse over the '?' next to the option, a brief description of that option will appear.
    • Record active speaker with shared screen
    • Record gallery view with shared screen
    • Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately
      • Active speaker
      • Gallery view
      • Shared screen
    • Record an audio only file
    • Save chat messages from the meeting / webinar

Advanced cloud recording settings

  • Add a timestamp to the recording
  • Display participants' names in the recording
  • Record thumbnails when sharing
  • Optimize the recording for 3rd party video editor
  • Audio transcript - this will be imported to Panopto as the meeting captions, and will be searchable when viewing the recorded session
  • Save panelist chat to the recording
  • Be sure to hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page, if you change any of these options.

With Zoom Cloud Recording now enabled, Zoom will alert Panopto that a recording is ready for import when you end a recorded meeting.  Panopto will import the video from Zoom automatically, and place it in the Meeting Recordings folder for the user account of the Zoom meeting host.  If you do not already have that folder, Panopto will create it for you.  Additionally: if you have never used Panopto, Panopto will store the video for you, until the first time you log in; at that time it will be placed in your Meeting Recordings folder.

Notifications you will receive:

  • You will receive an email from Zoom when the meeting has been successfully processed
  • You will receive an email from Panopto when the video has been imported and processed by Panopto

Note: if you've turned on Audio Transcript, you will also receive an email from Zoom when transcript is complete (which may be 1-2 days following the original recording); the transcript will also be sent to Panopto and added to the original recording. The video will still be viewable in Panopto prior to that, but without the captions.

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