Assignment Folders for Student Submissions in Panopto


Panopto Assignment Folders allow students to create videos and submit them to the course folder using Panopto.



A Panopto assignment folder is a subfolder that shares a user list with its parent folder. Those with Viewer access to the parent folder have the ability to record and upload videos to the assignment folder. This allows students to create videos and submit them to the course folder using Panopto. Configuring your Blackboard course to use Panopto is a prerequisite for this process. Please see to complete the initial Panopto setup steps if needed.

Details / Instructions

The steps below assume you are working from within Blackboard. The folder settings can also be accessed directly from

Create Assignment Folder (Instructor)

  • Open the Blackboard course where you'd like to create a Panopto Assignment Folder
  • Open the Panopto Videos tool link on the left panel
  • Select the gear icon in the top-right of the page
  • Select Create Assignment Folder
  • A subfolder with the name "Course folder name + [assignments]" will be created automatically

Edit Assignment Folder Settings (Instructor)

  • Select the name of the Assignment Folder
  • Select the gear icon in the top-right of the page
  • Optionally change the name of the folder in the Overview tab by selecting Edit
  • In the Settings tab, select whether students should be able to see each other's work

Submit a Video to an Assignment Folder (Student)

  • Navigate to and log in with your netID and password
    Note: the course's Panopto folder may also be accessible in Blackboard under the Panopto Videos area, if made available to students. Skip the next two steps, if so.
  • Select Browse from the left panel 
  • Select the name of the desired course folder
  • Select the name of the Assignment folder, which will be above the list of videos
  • Select Create
    • If you have already created the video in another application, select Upload Media, and browse to the video file on your computer. Skip to the last step of this section.
    • If not, select Record a New Session
    • Select Open Panopto
      Note: if you have not yet downloaded Panopto, you will need to first select Download Panopto
    • Once you've stopped your recording, the video will be uploaded to the Panopto Assignment folder
  • Refresh your page after the video has finished uploading if you wish to delete your attempt or edit the video's properties

Close an Assignment Folder from Future Attempts (Instructor)

  • When all attempts have been submitted, open the parent course folder in Blackboard or from
  • Select the gear icon in the top-right of the page
  • Select Close at the bottom of the Assignment Folder area in the Overview tab
  • Panopto will ask you to confirm your choice, as this cannot be undone

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