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Panopto is a video capture tool with a built-in integration with our Blackboard environment.  In addition to recording videos within the Panopto application, you can upload previously recorded videos from Zoom and other sources to your Panopto folder in Blackboard.

Details / Instructions

In order to add videos to your Panopto Videos content area in Blackboard, your course needs to be configured for Panopto.  Make sure you've first completed the steps in the "Configure Blackboard Course to use Panopto" article here: https://spidertechnet.richmond.edu/TDClient/1955/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=99972.

Upload Videos to Course's Panopto Folder in Blackboard

  1. Navigate to the Blackboard course where you would like to add videos
  2. Open the Panopto Videos link on the left panel
  3. Hover over the blue Create button and select Upload Media
  4. Select Choose Video or Audio Files
  5. Browse to and select the video you would like to upload
  6. Close the Upload dialog box and you will see your new video upload processing


Zoom Recording Location

By default, local recordings created in Zoom are stored in your "My Documents" folder (C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Zoom on Windows and /Users/[username]/Documents/Zoom on Mac)

See Also

Configure Blackboard Course to use Panopto: https://spidertechnet.richmond.edu/TDClient/1955/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=99972



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