Uploading Videos to Panopto


Load video files (such a Zoom recording) from your local computer into Panopto for sharing



Panopto is a video capture tool that can be used to record then share classroom lectures. In addition to recording videos using the Panopto application, Panopto has a web portal that can be used to upload previously recorded videos from Zoom and other sources, then share them with the University community.

Staff who have not created Panopto content in the past, and Faculty who have not used a Panopto enabled course will need to request a non-academic account for Panopto. Faculty who have used Panopto enabled courses in the past can use their existing access through Blackboard to upload content, whether for course-related or non-course-related use. To request non-academic access, see the Panopto Service page. For help uploading content through Blackboard, see the link in the See Also section below

Details / Instructions

Logging into Panopto

  • Navigate to the Panopto portal, using your browser of choice, by going to: https://urcapture.hosted.panopto.com
  • Change the default log-in from Blackboard to Panopto by clicking the down-arrow to the right of Blackboard, and selecting Panopto
  • Click the Sign in button
  • Enter your email address as the Username
  • Enter your password (first-time users will have a pre-assigned password, and will be required to set a new password when logging in)
  • Click the blue Create button at the top of the page and select Upload media from the drop down
  • You can either drag and drop your recording file into the dotted box, or click inside the box to browse for the video recording file.
    • The initial file upload should be the video recording - audio transcript files, if you have them, are uploading separately
    • Panopto will start processing the video as soon as you upload it - processing time will vary depending on the length, size and quality of the original video - you will receive an email from Panopto, when video processing has been completed.  A standard 30 minute Zoom recording will take about 15 minutes to process.
  • The video is ready to share as soon as the processing has completed

Zoom Recording Location

By default, local recordings created in Zoom are stored in your "My Documents" folder (C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Zoom on Windows and /Users/[username]/Documents/Zoom on Mac)

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