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Instructions for how to install and license JMP Pro 14.2 for Windows computers. 

JMP is licensed for academic use for current University of Richmond faculty, staff, and students. Administrative purposes must be licensed separately. It can be installed on University and personal computers. Redistribution of the software and/or licensing files is prohibited. 

Details / Instructions

Please uninstall any old versions of JMP before installing JMP Pro 14.2. 

  1. Download the installer file.
  2. Download the jmp_win.txt license file. 
  3. Navigate to the installer download, right click on the installer .zip file and select Extract All
  4. Select the location where you would like to extract the files and click Extract
  5. Navigate to the location of the extracted files and find the setup.exe file and double click it. 
  6. If  prompted to allow the program to run, click Yes
  7. Proceed through the installation windows and keep all defaults. 
  8. Click Install
  9. JMP will then proceed to install. When it is finished, check the option to Create desktop shortcut. Do not select the option to check for updates at this time. Click Finish
  10. Launch the JMP Pro 14 program from  your desktop. 
  11. The first time you run JMP, you may be asked to provide the location of a license file. Click Open LicenseNOTE: If you have a previous JMP Pro installation with current licensing, the installer may automatically attach that license to your new installation
  12. Navigate to where the jmp_win.txt license file was downloaded (from Step 2 above). Select the file and click Open
  13. If prompted to personalize the license with an Administrator Name and Department, leave the fields blank and click ok
  14. You may be asked to save the license with a .per file type. Navigate to where you would like to save it and click Save
  15. You will get a notification that the license was accepted. Click OK. 
  16. If prompted to register the software, you can skip/cancel by clicking Wait to Register
  17. JMP Pro will now be successfully installed on your computer. 

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