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Instructions for how to install and license JMP Pro 15 for Mac computers.

JMP is licensed for academic use for current University of Richmond faculty, staff, and students. Administrative purposes must be licensed separately. It can be installed on University and personal computers. Redistribution of the software and/or licensing files is prohibited. 

Details / Instructions

  1. Download the JMP-install.dmg installer file.
  2. Download the jmp_pro_15_mac.txt license file. 
  3. Open the JMP-Install.dmg file and double click on the JMP Pro 15.pkg file. 
  4. Proceed through the installation windows keeping all defaults. 
  5. When prompted to enter a password, enter your computer password. 
  6. Click Close to finish the installation. 
  7. Launch JMP Pro 15 from your applications folder. 
  8. You will prompted to license the software. Click Open License and navigate to the jmp_pro_15_mac.txt file that was downloaded in Step 2 (above). 
  9. If prompted to enter an Administrator Name and Department, leave the fields blank and click Ok.
  10. You will get a window that says that the license has been accepted. Click Ok
  11. If prompted to register the software, click Wait to Register

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