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The final step in the migrating the Adobe Console is to synchronize the accounts in the Richmond Directory with  After syncing, it was discovered that Federated User IDs were not created if users had an existing named user license issued from the University of Richmond.  This Faculty known to be teaching on shared device license computers, mainly in computers labs, need to have Federated IDs created manually in the Adobe Console.  

Create a Federated Adobe ID Manually

Existing Users who already have a named user license and now need access to Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) on a shared, public computer could have trouble accessing the software.  When user has a named user license for Adobe Creative Cloud, and they may have trouble logging into public computers with Adobe CC installed.  In this case, a Federated Adobe ID will have to be created manually following these steps

  1. Log into the console.
  2. Choose Manage Team.
  3. Choose Users and search for the user id by email address (
  4. Verify an Adobe ID type exists and a Federated ID does not exist.  If a Federated ID exists, there is a different problem with access.
  5. Create a Federated Adobe ID.
    1. Choose Add User.
    2. Identity Type > choose Federated ID.
    3. Assign Products > choose Shared Device License.
    4. Assign User Groups.

New Users (new hires or new to get a named user license)  A Federated ID license needs to be created before the named user license is created.  The sync tool is set to run weekly and the ID should be created automatically for any new employees and students with a University netID.  Verify that the Federated ID exists before creating a name user license and follow the steps above.

Removing an Existing ID  Adobe recommends that Federated IDs should be removed from the directory itself.

  1. Log into the console.
  2. Choose Manage Team.
  3. Choose Users > Directory Users.
  4. Choose urichmond under Directory Name
  5. Search for the user id by email address (
  6. Select check box by the user name > remove user.



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