Install Sophos Antivirus on Windows


Sophos antivirus is required to connect to our campus network either on a wired Ethernet connection, or via wifi urwin.

Details / Instructions

1.  In order for Sophos to successfully install, you must uninstall any other antivirus program installed on your computer. To find a list of all installed programs on your computer, including your antivirus program, follow the following instructions. Locate your current antivirus client in that list and press the uninstall button to uninstall the program. Usually this process also requires a reboot. If you are unable to find or uninstall your current antivirus program, please contact the Help Desk.

  • Windows 7: Click Start. In the search type uninstall and choose Uninstall a Program.
  • Windows 10: Right Click on Start. Select Apps and Features

2.  Once you have successfully uninstalled all antivirus programs on your computer, navigate to the Software Download page and login with your netID and password

3.  Once logged in, click on the Sophos Antivirus for Windows link. 

4.  Click on Sophos Antivirus for Windows again and download and run the installer.

run installer

5.  While the installer is preparing to run in the background, nothing will appear to happen for about 30-60 seconds. You will then receive a UAC (User Account Control) security popup. Press Yes to confirm the install.

6.  Shortly after the UAC popup appears, a Sophos icon will appear in your system tray in the bottom right of your computer screen. Right click on this icon and choose View updating status.

view updating status

7.  A window will now appear so you can track the progress of the install. Depending on your Internet connection and computer’s speed, the install may take 5-10 minutes to fully complete.

updating status

8.  When the installer finishes, the Sophos icon will disappear momentarily and then reappear. When you hover over the icon with your mouse, a popup identical to the one below will appear.

download complete



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