Troubleshoot Public Pluto Printers on macOS (Students)


If you are unable to print to the Pluto printers after installing them on your Mac, please follow the instructions below to connect to the Pluto print server.


Step 1 - Test connection to pluto server

  1. Open Finder.


  2. In the Menu Bar, choose Go and then select Connect to Server.

    go to server

  3. Type in smb://pluto and press Connect

    pluto address

  4. When you reach the login window for pluto, press Cancel.

    authenticate to pluto

  5. Try to resume printing. If you are still unable to print, or you do not get prompted to sign into the server, follow step 2 below

Step 2 - Review Keychain Access

  1. If you cannot connect to the pluto server, you may have an old network password saved in your Mac's keychain that is locking your account out
  2. Open Spotlight (the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of your Mac) and search for Keychain Access and open the app
  3. In Keychain Access, search for pluto and remove (right click and delete) any pluto printers saved in Keychain Access
  4. Attempt to connect to the pluto server again or try printing. When prompted, enter your netID and network password*
  5. If you still cannot print, please contact the Help Desk
*Please note that if your account was previously locked out because of an old network password being sent to the pluto server, you may need to wait 5 minutes after removing the old, saved passwords from Keychain Access for your network account to be automatically unlocked

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