Connecting to Campus Cable TV


Cable services are active when you arrive on campus. Students will need to provide the cable that runs from the wall outlet to the TV. This is a coaxial cable, which is a standard 75-ohm part with plug-type F connectors on each end.

Details / Instructions

Connecting to Campus Cable

  1. Connect the TV to the cable wall jack using a coaxial cable. If the TV has more than one input jack, select the one labeled “CABLE” or “CATV.”
  2. Plug the TV power cord into the electrical outlet and turn the TV power on.
  3. Select the correct “source.” The source is CATV or Cable, not antennae.
  4. channel autoscan may have to completed after selecting the source. To complete an autoscan, use your original remote control to go into menu or set up, then locate channel set up or autoprogram and prompt the TV to scan for cable channels.

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Should you encounter any issues with the wall jack, or service interruptions, contact Telecom at x6500 or (804) 287-6500.

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