How to Use the Wireless Microphone in Classroom Spaces


Information Services has deployed speakers with dedicated wireless mics to many of the classroom spaces on campus. The additional speakers and microphones should enhance faculty voice lift in the rooms due to faculty wearing masks. The speaker will be installed on a stand or table in the room and the dedicated wireless microphone will be on the speaker. 

The use of the microphone with the speaker should be fairly easy, but the information below can be used as a quick guide or to help troubleshoot. If you have any issues with the use of the speaker and microphones while in the classroom, please call TMSS at ext. 6300.   


Wireless Microphone

Samson Go Mic Transmitter

To turn on the device, press the small power button on the top of the Microphone Pack. 

If you can't hear yourself when using the microphone, the speaker may have gone into power-saving mode. To correct this, go to the speaker and turn the power off, and back on again. The power on/off button is on the rear of the speaker. 

You can adjust the volume via the Master Volume knob on the speaker and on the Samson Go Mic Receiver near or on the speaker.

If you were issued a personal microphone last academic year by TMSS, it should work with the new speaker in the room. You will need to unplug the microphone that is dedicated to the room and plug your personal microphone in. Please remember to plug the room microphone back in when you are finished. 

If the transmitter doesn't power on, the AA batteries may need to be replaced. 

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