Classroom Technology Tips and Training Resources


Training Resources and Tips are available to assist with learning and using the standard classroom technology configuration that has been setup in most classrooms on campus. 

Fall 2020 Classroom Technology Training PowerPoint Guide

Fall 2020 Classroom Technology Training Video

Tips for Using the Classroom Technology

Get Connected:

  1. Use Touch Panel, select Wireless Presentation
    • Rooms with Touch Panel: use the remotes or power buttons for secondary displays
  2. Connect laptop to the USB-C dock
    • USB-A adapters are attached to USB-C cables. Contact or ext. 6300 if missing. 
  3. Turn on laptop and extend desktop (if not already extended)
  4. Connect to the Solstice Pod (uncheck Share Desktop Audio)
  5. Share the desktop with the audience in the room

Launch Zoom

  1. Enable dual monitor mode (if not already selected in settings)
  2. Select correct audio and video devices in Zoom:
    • Microphone: HC-GO-BK or Samson Go Mic Mobile
    • Camera:
      • HC-GO-BK for web cam
      • Spac_2089 for doc cam
  3. Record within Zoom if needed.

Extended Desktop Tips

Windows PC: Right click on your desktop > select Display Settings. Select extend these monitors. 
Mac OS: Go to System Preferences > Click Displays. Click Arrangement tab. Make sure the Mirror checkbox isn't checked. 

Share PowerPoint in Zoom

Step 1:
Windows PC
: In PowerPoint, select Slide Show Tab. In the 'Monitors' section, for Monitor, select: Primary Monitor. Uncheck Use Presenter View
Mac OS: In PowerPoint, select Slide Show Tab. Select Set up Slide Show. For 'Slide Show Monitor', select Primary Monitor. 

Step 2:
In Zoom, share the Desktop or "App" window. 

Troubleshooting Tips

If the camera or mic is not showing as available options in Zoom, unplug the USB cable, wait 15 seconds and plug back in. 

If you are having display issues, unplug power from the USB-C hub, wait 15 seconds and plug back in. 

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