Microphone Use in Classroom Spaces


Many faculty have asked about the use (or need) of an individual microphone.  In the majority of the classroom spaces that have been identified, we believe that the huddlecam will suffice as a good quality microphone capability for connecting to the remote audience.    However, an additional microphone capability is being planned for. 

Details / Instructions

  • Each classroom space will be equipped with a wireless microphone set; the set consist of the transmitter and a lapel microphone that can be attached to the faculty member. The set will be assigned to a specific room, and will need to stay in the room. Faculty may elect to use the huddlecam or the microphone set as the audio source for remote participants.     
  • Classrooms that are equipped with a sound system: the microphone set will be able to serve as the source for the Zoom call, as well as the in room audio source. The huddlecam will remain available as a selectable source for the Zoom call.  
  • There are a number of new rooms (many of which are temporary) being built that will not have installed sound systems.  In these spaces, we will install a mobile speaker system in lieu of the standard fixed sound system.  The standard technology configuration that includes the huddlecam will also be installed; however, the selected microphone set will be installed, and will be capable of connecting to the Zoom call, as well as the portable speaker system. 
  • Faculty members that wish to be assigned their own personal lapel mic, or over the ear set, may request one from the TMSS department.  The microphone will be able to interface with the transmitter in the room.  Please be aware that you will need to unplug the room mic and plug your personal one in, and then please also remember the return the room microphone setup to its normal configuration before leaving the room.   

If you have questions about the use of a microphone in any of the classroom spaces, or would like to consult with a technician before deciding whether you need a microphone, please feel free to contact the TMSS department at telecom@richmond.edu.

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