Standard Classroom Technology Configuration - Fall 2020


As a part of the scenario planning efforts that the University has been working on in preparation for the fall semester, Information Services has been charged with implementing a standard technology configuration that would address the need for simultaneous in-room instruction and remote instruction (essentially the use of Zoom for video teleconferencing needs).   This solution will be scaled across all spaces on campus that will be used for classroom instruction.   In addition to completing the equipment installations prior to the start of the fall semester, Information Services will be conducting equipment training sessions for several weeks prior to the first day of classes.   More information on the times and locations for these training opportunities will be provided throughout the summer. 

Demonstration Video of the Standard Classroom Technology Configuration 

Details / Instructions

What does the standard technology configuration look like? 

Faculty laptop – The recommended configuration is based on each faculty member bringing their assigned University laptop to the classroom.  It can be PC or Mac.  Information Services is currently evaluating the list of faculty that do not already have laptops assigned to them, and we will be reaching out to those faculty individually in order to provide them with a laptop.  

USB-C hub – Hubs are a commonly used device around the campus.  They are typically used to combine several inputs from various devices into a single output that connects to the laptop.   The USB-C hub will facilitate ease of use for connecting your laptop to the other pieces of equipment that are set up to support the use of Zoom for video conferencing capabilities. 

A second display – Will be installed in every room.  The second display will allow you to extend the video from your laptop to a larger screen.  Many faculty already use the extended display configuration in their offices.  The additional display in the classroom is recommended so that you may extend the video of the remote participants to the larger display.  The demonstration session in the video shows this configuration in use.  Some rooms will get a 32 inch display, and some rooms will get a larger display.  This will be depend on room size and configuration. 

HUDDLECAM -  The huddlecam is a device that incorporates a camera, a microphone, and a speaker capability.  The recommended standard configuration is that the device will be placed at the front of the room, facing the faculty member.  General placement of the device will be about 6 to 10 feet from the teaching table or lectern, which we believe will provide an acceptable camera shot, microphone capability for the Zoom call, and an acceptable speaker for the students in the room.   The huddlecam is easily adjusted or moved (whiteboard capture for example).    The huddlecam is just one source for providing video, or sound, to the remote participants.  You may use the laptop camera, or a personal microphone (if needed).  Some spaces may require an additional augment and we will look at this need during deployments.

Solstice Wireless Pod – The University has already standardized on the use of the Solstice Wireless Pod in every classroom space on campus.  Information Services will be installing an additional 44 pods as a result of adding new spaces to the classroom list for the fall semester.   The wireless pod will be used for displaying the laptop video to the screen or display in the classroom. 

Recording or Capture -  For recording the session in the classroom, we recommend the use of the Zoom record feature. These recordings can then be uploaded to Blackboard through Panopto.

Other considerations being evaluated on an as needed basis:

Tablets – There are a number of tablets in use around the campus; different models and sizes.  Tablets are typically a device that are chosen by individual faculty based on their personal preferences.  Some laptops include a built in tablet capability; these are also already popular tools used by faculty.  Information Services is not recommending that faculty standardize on the use of a specific tablet, but we are prepared to offer a recommendation to faculty that would like to use one, but do not already have a preferred model or type in mind. 

Document Camera – Information Services is in the process of identifying the spaces that will need a document camera.  We will be talking with department chairs and many individual faculty to see if they desire the use of a document camera in the classroom. 

Microphones - Many faculty have asked about the use (or need) of an individual microphone.  In the majority of the classroom spaces that have been identified, we believe that the huddlecam will suffice as a good quality microphone capability for connecting to the remote audience.   However, we are also prepared to provide faculty with a dedicated microphone that they can use when they feel it is needed.  The microphone will attach to the faculty member’s laptop, and may be selected as the source to connect with the remote participants on Zoom.    It is important to note that this will not operate as an in room microphone.

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