Zoom Video Storage Recommendations


The recommended method for sharing videos recorded through Zoom will vary based on your role at the University of Richmond.

Details / Instructions


Due to limited space in our Blackboard environment, faculty are strongly encouraged not to directly upload Zoom videos to Blackboard content areas, and instead are encouraged to use Panopto, where the University has planned storage capacity in support of academic recording. Panopto can be configured through your Blackboard course, still allowing quick access to your videos for your students. A guide on configuring your Blackboard course for Panopto can be found here: https://spidertechnet.richmond.edu/TDClient/1955/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=99972

If you need to receive video submissions from your students, follow these instructions to set up inbox and outbox folders in Box: https://spidertechnet.richmond.edu/TDClient/1955/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=100107. If you need to share a student's submission with the rest of your class, upload the video to Blackboard through Panopto.


The recommended method for sharing video submissions with your instructors is through Box.  If your instructor has created an inbox folder, you can submit your videos there. Otherwise, upload your video to Box and edit the sharing settings to include your instructor.


The recording of virtual staff meetings is not recommended. These recordings may create unnecessary video storage capacity issues within Box folders. 


If you are conducting a meeting or webinar for a large group of participants and want to record the event, please follow these existing best practices:

  • Please be sure to confer with the University Event’s Office. The event should be scheduled, even though it is being planned virtually. 
  • The sponsoring department is responsible for obtaining all the pertinent permissions to record and use the video asset. Event support is requested and coordinated through the University’s Office of Event Support: http://events.richmond.edu/.
  • Please be aware that requests for technical assistance may include the need for billable resources. Please contact Telecom and Multimedia Support Services (TMSS) at extension 6500 or telecom@richmond.edu for more information. 
  • A video consent release form may be required by the University. Please submit this form to the TMSS office in advance of the webinar.   

See Also

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Configure Blackboard Course to Use Panopto (Faculty): https://spidertechnet.richmond.edu/TDClient/1955/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=99972

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